Vibrant Makes In-View Ads Available Programmatically

David Murphy

Vibrant In-viewVibrant Media has made its In-View video, rich media and static image formats available programmatically, four months after launch.

The In-View range joins the In-Text, In-Image and Adhesion banner formats in Vibrant Media’s portfolio of programmatic native ads.

Scoring 93 per cent on viewability, In-View has an average CTR of 1-2 per cent. The company has partnered with Appnexus for its programmatic offering, and aims to have all of its formats available programmatically by the end of Q1 2017.

Vibrant Media’s programmatic native ads can be used to target consumers using both editorial context and audience data through the advertiser’s preferred data management platform. They have been developed to fulfil the IAB’s LEAN principles, and appear in the exclusive in-content inventory of 6,600 premium media titles with a monthly reach of 450m unique users.

“Consumers expect a hiatus in their content experience between paragraphs, so it’s an extremely viewable and engaging place to position ads,” said Executive founder and chairman, Craig Gooding. “However, those ads must still respect consumer choices, be contextually relevant to the editorial but also appropriate to the campaign objectives, even if they’re purchased programmatically.

“Traffic driving, engagement and brand awareness are different goals. In-View is able to deliver on each of these objectives by using different creative and mechanics but in the same placement. That’s what makes these new formats work so well for brands and why their agency partners are so supportive of them.”