Vibrant Takes In-Text Programmatic

Vibrant text adNative advertising firm Vibrant Media is rolling out programmatic trading of its original native ad format, In-Text, after a successful beta test period. The green, double-underlined, hyperlinked keyword ad units appear natively within editorial relevant to brands’ campaigns.

In-Text joins the In-Image and Adhesion banner formats in Vibrant Media’s portfolio of programmatic native ads. The ad units enable advertisers to target users across Vibrant’s portfolio of 6,600 premium publishers.

The Intellitxt technology that powers the In-Text format reads and understands the context of editorial web pages, highlighting words and word-phrases in real time to launch ads and brand experiences relevant to the content. The system currently manages more than 5m words.

“Many in the industry are struggling to marry truly native ad formats with programmatic trading,” said Vibrant Media founder and executive chairman, Craig Gooding. “It’s difficult to achieve the requisite scale of campaign with most native ad formats because they require constant customization and offline negotiation. That makes them cost- and time-prohibitive for many marketers.

“The widespread programmatic availability of In-Text introduces much needed creative diversity, choice, scale and speed into the native advertising space. As one of the original native advertising formats, it’s a huge development to be able to offer it programmatically.”