Vicorp Partners with SpinVox

UK-based Vicorp,  which provides technology and solutions for contact centre operators, has announced an expansion of its capabilities through a partnership with voice-to-screen messaging company SpinVox.  Through this and other partnerships, Vicorp says it is progressing towards its call resolution strategy. Vicorp is building its portfolio and aiming to offer 100% call resolution for organisations using xMP, its service creation and execution environment, in conjunction with products such as SpinVoxs best-of-breed voice-to-text offering.
Our partnership with SpinVox gives mutual benefit, says Vicorp CEO, Brendan Treacy. Our experience in the contact centre market presents new opportunities for SpinVox while we benefit from adding the leading voice-to-text service to our portfolio.   
Through the Vicorp-SpinVox partnership, contact centres will be able to ensure that no incoming calls are ever missed, as voice messages from customers who do not get straight through will be converted to an email only minutes after they have left the message. Such messages can be assessed promptly, prioritised and routed directly to the right person for action. The appropriate agent can then respond quickly with the most relevant information, improving efficiency and overall customer service.
SpinVox says the voice-to-text capability, which is already being used in the wider marketplace, has many possible applications that can streamline contact centre efficiencies and broaden customer service offerings. For example, offering customer satisfaction surveys through a voice application using natural speech, which will then be automatically converted into text for analysis, or conversion of conversations for training purposes. It is not the technology that restricts its potential, the company says, but the imagination of the developers.