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Video Ads Grow by 400 per cent as Advertisers Seek Richer Formats

Tim Maytom

McDonalds Rich Media Expandable Banner CeltraCreative formats like interstitials, rich media and video ads are growing at an astounding rate as advertisers seek better ways to connect with consumers, new figures from Nexage show. In between Q1 of 2013 and Q1 of 2014, delivery of video ads grew by 404 per cent, while rich media increased by 216 per cent, and interstitials by 178 per cent.

Requests through Nexage's exchange for these ad formats are growing even quicker, showing huge demand from buyers. Interstitial requests rose 194 per cent in one year, rich media requests by 346 per cent, and video by 516 per cent. This rapid growth is being propelled by programmatic buying's ability to support these formats, and cross-screen HTML5 platforms providing the tools for creative growth.

The popularity of these formats is supported by their effectiveness. Compared to static banners, interstitials showed an eight times higher click-through rate, while rich media outperformed static banners by nine times. Consumers spent an average of four seconds on interstitial ads, and 11 seconds on rich media and mobile video, which compares favourably to static banners.