Video chatbot platform Videobot raises €2m

Finnish SaaS startup, Videobot, has raised €2m (£1.7m) in seed funding from Finland’s Superhero Capital, Luxembourg’s Expon Capital Digital Tech Fund, and angel investors, Sweden’s Urban Gillstrom and Finland’s Ari Korhonen. The company aims to transform the landscape of online customer engagement using personalized, interactive videos. The funding will be used to accelerate Videobot’s growth, especially in Europe and the US markets. The company currently has over 200 customers in 15 countries, across multiple diverse industries.

Videobot’s platform fuses chatbot and video technologies to deliver on-demand product demonstrations and effective, simple explanations of complex product information. The company said its clients have seen a 98 per cent increase in engagement, 150 per cent more time spent on the website, and a 36 per cent increase in overall sales lead volume after deploying the platform.

The technology can be implemented to any modern website within minutes with a widget or plug-in solution to the existing website, and it works seamlessly on any screen. Videobot also gives recommendations to its clients on the video format and content that is most likely to drive engagement and generate more leads and ultimately, sales. While lead generation is the most popular use case, the platform also effectively facilitates any part of the customer journey. Supercell, for example, utilizes Videobot on its HR website to boost recruitment efforts, while other clients use the platform to streamline the employee onboarding process.

“80 per cent of internet traffic today is vide,” said Videobot Co-founder, Anssi Kiviranta. “Videobot represents a paradigm shift in online communication. Our platform seamlessly integrates the convenience of chatbots with the engaging power of short videos, opening new horizons for businesses to connect with their audiences.”