Videoplaza: iPad Video Traffic Grew 150 Per Cent in 12 Months

iPad video traffic has grown by 150 per cent in the last six months, according to data from Videoplazas Karbon video ad platform.

The iPad accounts for 10 per cent of all Karbons ad traffic – compared just one per cent 12 months ago – and a third of all non-PC traffic, which combined accounts for 30 per cent of the total. Over the last year, iPhones share of traffic has remained roughly stable, at between three and five per cent of the total, but was overtaken by iPad in August 2012.

“This is only the beginning of something more significant,” said Katy Turner, VP marketing at Videoplaza. “In advanced markets, we expect tablets and mobile to outperform PC in less than two years. In this industry, you need to constantly follow the audience as that is where the ad dollars will go.”

Karbon delivers billions of video ad impressions per month and, according to Videoplaza, reaches around 10 per cent of internet users.