Vidmob unveils AI-powered diversity feature

Creative data company, Vidmob has launched its latest AI-powered feature designed to help marketers monitor and analyse the diversity represented in their advertising.

As a result, the tool will now offer data insights on key diversity factors such as skin tone, physical presentation, and age.

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According to the company, key benefits of the tool include access to creative data on the distribution of age, physical presentation, and skin tone across an entire creative catalogue within minutes, critical data to understand deficiencies, establish diversity goals, and track progress and unique insights for informed creative development and adaptations.

The move comes as research from technology giant Amazon revealed that 70% of customers expect brands they buy from to prioritise diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and take action to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising.

Vidmob Chief Product and Technology Officer, Mickey Alon, said: “The inclusion of diverse creative is essential for equitable representation in advertising and holds the potential to enhance business performance. Studies show that consumers gravitate towards inclusive brands.

Leveraging AI empowers advertisers to monitor diversity across thousands of assets, providing greater influence over business outcomes.”