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Vimeo launches 360 video, putting the creator at the forefront of the feature

Tyrone Stewart

Vimeo has introduced 360 videos, following in the rather large footsteps of Facebook and YouTube. What differs in the video sharing website’s offering is the opportunity for creators to learn how to get the most out of the feature and the curated selection of 360° content it has available.

The launch of 360 video will see Vimeo differentiating itself from the competition by aiming to put the creator at the front and centre of its efforts, not just through its 360 video school, but through offering those with Pro or Business memberships the opportunity to sell their videos.

“We want all creators to feel empowered, start experimenting with new 360 techniques, and begin sharing insights,” said Vimeo in a blog post. “The more we can delve into your wondrous videos, the more we can all find inspiration, and usher in the new standard for incredible storytelling.”

The new feature will also offer customisable settings – including the ability to customise field of view and outro – as well as the ability to upload directly from places such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. 360 videos are viewable on mobile and desktop, as well as GearVR and Daydream headsets. The videos are also available for download to be viewed offline.