Vine co-founder teases launch of new app Byte

Tim Maytom

Dom Hofmann, co-creator of looping video app Vine, has announced on Twitter that his new app, Byte, will be launching in spring 2019, and will function as ‘Vine 2.0’. The original Vine was acquired by Twitter in 2012, shortly before launching to the public, and was shut down in 2016, with Twitter integrating a number of its functions into its main app.

Hofmann has revealed relatively few details of what Byte will do or how it will differ from Vine, which enabled users to record and share looping videos that were six seconds long. In November 2017, he revealed that he was working on a ‘follow-up’ to the app, but then a few months later said development had been delayed due to funding and legal concerns. He has confirmed that Byte will be a “video looping app”, and those interested in learning more information about it as it becomes available can sign up on Byte’s website, which went live shortly after the announcement.

Vine developed a strong following during its existence, and served as a launchpad for many influencers, comedians and musicians, most of whom moved over to YouTube when the platform ceased operating. Despite its popularity, Twitter was unable to successfully monetise Vine, which was the main reason behind the platform being shut down.