Viralize Debuts Inline Autoplay Video for Mobile Web

viralize inline videoFlorence-based video tech platform Viralize has unveiled new mobile video player technology that supports inline autoplay functionality without full-screen video player take-over on the mobile web.

The proprietary player can deliver autoplaying in-line video on iOS and Android devices, enabling video ads to function exactly the same on mobile browsers as they do on desktop computers.

The companys existing video ad formats have all been updated and equipped with the new video player, and the firm is hoping that publishers will take advantage of the increased opportunity to monetise their mobile web traffic without interrupting the reader with user-initiated or full-screen video play.

The mobile player is 100 per cent VAST compliant, and ensures full compatibility with most RTB exchanges and programmatic inventory, as well as supporting viewability tracking to ensure transparency.

“We have witnessed an explosive growth in mobile device usage and video ad spending over the past few years as smartphones and mobile web access has become fundamental in our daily life,” wrote a Viralize spokesperson in a blog post announcing the technology.

“Major players such as Facebook and Twitter have recently made big pushes towards in-app video autoplay. During autoplay testing, Twitter said users were 2.5 times more likely to prefer autoplay videos over other viewing methods, while brands saw a seven time increase in completions of promoted video views.

“Viralize now offers a solution for web advertisers and publishers who want to expand their video possibilities beyond mobile apps, without limitations, throughout the mobile web.”