Virgin Media Selects MobileCast Content Management Solution

Virgin Media has deployed Motricity’s MobileCast content management solution to deliver real-time content to a wide range of smartphones on the Virgin Media mobile network.

MobileCast is the latest service module delivered as part of Motricity’s hosted Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. It offers carriers and enterprises the ability to deliver a wide range of content types (HTML5, audio, video, text) to the most popular smartphone devices (Android, RIM, Windows 7 and Apple). It includes easy-to-use publishing tools that reduce the time to design and develop marketing campaigns, giving marketers greater control. Motricity says that MobileCast also makes it easier for marketers and advertisers to track their campaigns through a complete suite of reporting and insight generation tools, enabling results reporting and real-time adjustment to optimize campaigns.

Features include real-time delivery, and a Message Priority, Queue and Delivery system that  enables marketers to design campaigns at a granular level, weighted by priority, display order and frequency. Communications can be grouped in delivery order to the device and can be scheduled based on date, time, location, etc.

A Dynamic Program Event feature enables marketers to use feeds to dynamically create messages to consumers. This provides the ability to automatically manage content refresh cycles and display engaging content without having to build individual events for each communication.

“Our mobile customers are doing more with their phones, watching great TV from Virgin Media Player, enjoying music, videos and games and managing their customer accounts whilst on the move,” says Graeme Oxby, executive director of mobile and home phone at Virgin Media. “MobileCast helps us deliver a fantastic user experience, and we’ll continue to bring market-leading mobile services to all of our customers.”