Virtway Launches Mobile 3D World Platform

Spanish development company Virtway has developed a customisable 3D environment for companies to market and sell their products online. Dubbed Virtway World, the technology works on Windows, Mac, and iOS. Android compatibility is coming soon, according to Virtway. 

The most obvious comparison is with the 3D alternative world social network Second Life, but Virtway is touting its technology as an opportunity for companies to reach out to customers and also deploy eCommerce. 

Indeed, Virtway says that several projects that use the Virtway World technology are in development. For example, French luxury brand Only Chic is creating an eCommerce and brand marketing world, with virtual stores on a Paris street, while Interactive City in Sweden is creating a world in which users can create customisable avatars, apartments, shops, and even football clubs with live matches. And in Virtways native Spain, the Bureau Veritas Business School is using Virtway World to create a premium service for its students, and to show prospective students around its campus. 

“Virtway World is an extraordinary tool for marketing a companys image, service or product,” says the company. “It is a new and exciting way to attract more clients to direct communication, learn their opinion, hear their feedback, and provide an absolutely new client-customer relationship. Companies can also sell products online.”