Viscards Offers Business Card Data via QR Code

Berlin-based Jackson Mobile has launched a service that enables users to create a mobile version of their business card, which is then accessible via a QR code. 

The Viscards site allows users to set up and design a business card using the sites tools. The business cards are mobile-friendly, and can be distributed to contacts via a QR code, or a link to the mobile site where the business card is stored. When the link is followed or the QR code scanned, the user can store the details on their phone in vCard format, or contact you via email or phone. Viscards also offers a hit counter, and links to social networks. 

The site offers two levels of service. The premium version costs $9.90 (£6) for a year, or $16.90 for two years. This offers a number of features, such as the ability to upload your own logos and images, SMS messaging from the online platform, and social network listings. A free version just displays your name and contact number. 

The site is currently offering a free trial period. Users can sign up for a month for free, and then decide what level of service they would like to use.