Vision IPTV Launches White-label Broadcast Solution

Vision IPTV has launched a white-label video app and player solution, enabling broadcasters to deliver content to iPhone and iPad users quickly and cost effectively. The first customer for the solution is Revelation TV, a UK-based religious broadcaster.
Vision IPTV can create a dedicated and branded video app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing broadcasters to deliver live TV channels or a video archive to their viewers wherever they are.

Broadcasters can be up and running with their own branded app within days, the company says, enabling them to provide access to news, sport, entertainment or archive content wherever viewers are watching TV or video. The app is fully integrated with Vision IPTV’s content management and content distribution platforms, meaning that broadcasters can use the same system that powers their online TV delivery to PC and internet connected TV sets.

“To date, it has been expensive and taken time for broadcasters to deliver streaming video or video libraries to iPad and iPhone,” says Vision IPTV CEO, John Mills. “Vision IPTV’s white label TV and video app for iOS devices means that a broadcaster or content owner can have a branded app up and running at a fraction of the cost of developing themselves.”

Vision IPTV’s app service uses the latest Apple adaptive streaming protocol, combined with manual bit rate selection to ensure a consistent streaming quality. Content streaming is also monitored to deliver a broadcast quality solution to users on the move. Automatic app update features mean content can be regularly refreshed for audiences.