VisionMobile Launches Developer Economics 2011 survey

Analyst firm VisionMobile has launched its Developer Economics 2011 Survey, a global study looking at all aspects of mobile development, from app design to monetization.

This research will investigate some of the hottest issues in mobile development, including:

  • Mobile platforms – which are being adopted by developers and which are being abandoned?
  • Platform selection – which factors motivate developers and how do technical factors weigh against commercial factors?
  • Going across screens – which types of device (smartphones, tablets, TV) will play an important role in the future?
  • Market delivery – how are developers leveraging a mix of channels to go to market?
  • Time-to-market – what is the average time-to-market and which channels are the fastest?
  • Monetization – how much revenue does each app bring and which are the top revenue models?

Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw for an Amazon voucher worth $1,500 (£930).

To take the survey, click here.