Vistaprints Digital Arm Launches Social Ad Tool

Pagemodo correctWebs, the digital services business of Vistaprint, has revealed a new social ad tool for its flagship social media marketing tool Pagemodo that aims to enable small businesses to easily design, target, publish and analyse ad campaigns on Facebook.

With the news that Facebooks algorithm will soon be amended to favour content from friends over branded content, businesses that previously relied on the social network to promote their products or raise awareness of sales may lose that organic reach.

Paid advertising provides small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to run highly targeted campaigns on a small budget, but without dedicated graphic designers or marketing teams, many are unable to get the most from these campaigns. Pagemodo aims to provide an end-to-end solution that creates professional-looking ads, targets the most receptive audience and allows companies to analyse campaign results.

The new social ad tool expands the capabilities of the platform, providing intuitive design tools for ads with custom images, providing an extensive library of images to use, simplifying ad targeting on demographics, interests and connections, and ensuring compatibility with mobile and desktop.

Webs has also launched a Pagemodo app for iOS, making it easy for business owners and marketers to find, schedule and share content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn direct from their mobile. Users can create posts with text, links and photos, and share them with a single social network or across multiple networks simultaneously.

“As businesses turn to social media to boost sales and interaction with customers, using the right tools is key to ensuring a successful campaign,” said Alfredo Ramos, head of digital products at Vistaprint. “We built this tool so small business owners can easily create and manage their social ads without needing expensive and complex solutions.”