Visual Amplifiers brings its influencer marketing platform to the UK

Tyrone Stewart
Aaron Brooks Visual Amplifiers
CEO and co-founder of Visual Amplifiers Aaron Brooks

Visual Amplifiers (Vamp), an Australian content and influencer marketing platform, has expanded to the UK and put a London-based team in place aimed at connecting brands with social influencers.

The company, founded in Sydney in 2015, enables brands to streamline their influencer campaigns through its full-service platform. This platform takes care of the briefing, recruitment, product distribution, analytics, and reporting for the brand.

So far, Vamp has worked with brands such as Mastercard, ASOS, Samsung, and eBay. Its first UK campaign is with alcohol brand, Absolut Vodka.

“The UK is one of the biggest markets for social influencers with consumers increasingly turning to influencers to help with their purchasing decisions,” said Aaron Brooks, CEO and co-founder of Vamp. “As the market becomes more competitive, brands will be looking for smart solutions to resolve their key pain points in the rapidly growing channel. Our platform brings something new to the table because of its unique combination of service and technology that brands and influencers in the UK won’t have seen yet.”

Vamp’s expansion to the UK is its first step outside of the Asia Pacific region. In the last two years, it has expanded within the region to New Zealand, UAE, Hong Kong, and Singapore.