Visualead Introduces Visual QR Code Generator that Takes Seconds

Startup Visualead has launched the Visual QR Code Generator that quickly converts any image into a QR code, a refreshing change from the black and white blocks that don’t yet win with consumers.

Without any design skills (I can testify to that!), Visualead’s generator enables users to create a colourful QR code embedded with a link to any site. The membership service offers a basic and free ad-based option, as well as a premium one that is ad-free.

During its three months in beta, the platform saw more than 20,000 codes created that have been scanned by smartphone users 175,000 times. That is just over eight times each.

“Our objective is to make QR codes more visually appealing to customers and valuable for brands,” said Nevo Alva, CEO and co-founder.

“With our patent-pending technology, QR codes become integrated, story-telling tags that can be placed anywhere on an advertisement so customers know what they are getting when they scan. We combine the visual images people love with the familiar QR code technology they know.”

Visualead was founded in Tel Aviv in January of this year and uses a computer vision platform developed by its image processing and algorithms teams to merge a QR Code with an image while it is still fully scannable.