Vitrue Revamps Facebook Marketing App

Social marketing platform provider Vitrue has launched a mobile Facebook app for marketers. 

The Vitrue Facebook mobile application gives marketers the ability to create a seamless Facebook mobile experience by allowing the creation of an app on a Tab in the mobile browser, says the company. When shared through the Facebook newsfeed, if a mobile user clicks on the link, they will see the content in a new tab, formatted for mobile, but with all desktop functionality preserved. 

You can see a demo on YouTube

The technology is currently in beta and will be available to clients on the Vitrue Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform by the end of the year, says Vitrue. 

“We clearly believe that mobile is the future, as mobile-enabled devices, particularly smartphones, are set to continue aggressive growth and consumer adoption,” says Reggie Bradford, CEO and founder of Vitrue. “Working with our partner at Facebook, Vitrue has been focused on integrating mobile-specific technologies within our platform to allow our clients to better connect, reach and engage with their social-mobile consumers. In the near future, mobile devices will be the preferred and primary means of social communication and marketers need to prepare for that by having the right partners, strategies, and technologies.”

The technology was debuted at the APPNATION III conference in San Francisco. Vitrue is a part of the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) scheme.