Vlerick Business School launches Metaverse for Business executive programme in partnership with Howest

Fashion Week – Metaverse style

Vlerick Business School has launched a Metaverse for Business executive programme in partnership with Howest – an educational institution with vast technological experience.

The programme is aimed at business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all kinds of sectors and will teach participants about the value potential and possible limitations of the metaverse, without getting into overly complex technical detail. 

Participants will also experience the metaverse first-hand in Lab environments, and learn as they use technologies including virtual and augmented reality and 3D modelling.

The 6-day programme will cover a range of key topics including;

  • How the metaverse can benefit your business, customers and employees

  • Key concepts of the metaverse – and how they apply to your business

  • The skillsets you’ll need to implement metaverse related initiatives

  • How other businesses are getting value from the metaverse

  • Creating a business case for your metaverse project

“As Web3 technology advances rapidly, the metaverse has emerged as a transformative concept that promises to revolutionise industries and redefine how businesses operate,” said Martin Butler, Programme Director and Professor at Vlerick Business School. “The metaverse is poised to radically transform the way we digitally interact and work with the world around us, and this programme helps inform executives on the way it can benefit them.”

The partnership combines the strengths of Vlerick Business School and Howest Academy to create an educational offering that blends technological expertise with strategic management insights. 

Vlerick will bring its wealth of managerial and business expertise to the partnership, teaching participants how the metaverse can impact strategic decision-making, business models, customer engagement, and organisational culture.

And Howest Academy, known for its pioneering work in technology-driven fields, will play a pivotal role in developing laboratory exercises that provide experiential experiences, enabling executives to explore the metaverses technical aspects and discover its practical applications across industries.

“Helping companies and organisations with a combination of new digital technologies to innovate processes and create value can only succeed if we have the business professionals from Vlerick and technology experts from Howest working together to deliver a transformational learning experience,” said Professor Kurt Callewaert, Valorisation Manager Digital Transformation at Howest

There’s more information about the programme here