VMO2 eliminates 65 tonnes of single-use plastic from production

Virgin Media O2 has successfully eliminated 65 tonnes of single-use plastic from its operations and products since 2021, the telecoms giant has revealed.

According to the company, it remains steadfast in its commitment to reducing waste and single-use plastic in the packaging and equipment distributed to customers and engineers responsible for building and maintaining its broadband and mobile networks.

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The move is part of the company’s sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan, which aims to achieve zero waste operations and products by the end of 2025.

VMO2 Chief Sustainability Officer, Dana Haidan, said: “As a leading UK business, Virgin Media O2 is committed to minimising its impact on the planet.

“That’s why we’re always looking at where we can remove waste and single-use plastic from our operations and products, and use materials which can be easily recycled.

“It’s all part of our sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan, and our aim to become a zero-waste business by the end of 2025.”

The move follows the company taking comprehensive measures to eliminate waste and single-use plastic from its operations and products.

Since 2021, the company, in partnership with Technetix, has scrapped nearly 18 tonnes of single-use plastic from engineering equipment and tools, including cables, batteries, splitters, and wall outlets.

This effort includes removing plastic bags, foam, or blister packs from packaging accompanying parts, replacing plastic ties with paper alternatives on cables, and eliminating plastic straps from shipping cartons.

Additionally, through its partnership with GXO, Virgin Media O2 has reduced approximately 48 tonnes of single-use plastic since 2021 – a 94% reduction – in the packaging of products distributed to cable customers, such as set-top boxes and routers.

GXO Chief Compliance and ESG Officer, Meagan Fitzsimmons, added: “GXO and Virgin Media O2 are working together to create a supply chain that is as environmentally responsible as it is efficient and reliable. Companies have to reduce single-use plastics from their supply chain to meet regulatory requirements and environmental goals.

“These results show what’s possible with a best-in-class partnership. Through great collaboration, open thinking, and innovation, we can help to significantly reduce and remove single-use plastics from the supply chain. We’re really proud of our partnership with Virgin Media O2 and the work we have done to continuously remove plastic waste from our operation.”