VMO2 offers gamers cash to trade unused consoles

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has enabled customers to trade in their unwanted devices for cash and prevent electronic waste (e-waste).

In addition to popular gaming systems from PlayStation, Xbox, Oculus and Nintendo, the telecoms giant is now accepting MacBooks, alongside smartphones, tablets, wearables and earbuds to promote the circular economy where devices can be used again.

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Customers can send their unwanted tech to O2 Recycle for free where the device will be repaired, refurbished and resold, or recycled – with zero parts going to landfill.

The news comes as research by the telecoms giant revealed 58% of gamers were unaware that consoles could be recycled.

Some 83% admitted they’re holding onto old consoles, despite not planning to use them, and more than four in ten revealed they don’t use their old gaming device because it’s broken or missing a part.

VMO2 Chief Sustainability Officer, Dana Haidan, said: “We’ve powered up O2 Recycle to cover consoles and MacBooks, making it even easier for people to trade in their unwanted tech for cash and to protect the planet by saving their device from landfill.

“With almost four million devices recycled and £340 million paid out, O2 Recycle is leading the UK’s circular economy and giving tech a second life so it can be used again and again.”

The scheme forms part of Virgin Media O2’s sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan which encourages consumers to carry out 10 million ‘circular actions’ by the end of 2025.