Voda and Entel In Chilean Alliance

Vodafone and Entel PCS have signed a Partner Market agreement; a strategic alliance which will see the introduction of an exclusive range of Vodafone products and services made available for Entel PCS customers in the Republic of Chile.

Under the terms of the agreement, Entel PCS has access to specific Vodafone knowledge and expertise, and will be able to provide its customers with selected Vodafone roaming, and eventually, business and consumer products. These products and services will include a range of push-email devices and Vodafone branded handsets.
In addition to Entel PCSs current product portfolio, the company will be able to offer a series of Vodafone-branded mobile broadband USB modems, which will enable customers to access the Internet from their laptops at broadband speeds over Entel PCSs mobile network.

Vodafones products and services will be marketed in Chile under Vodafones global brand, enhancing Entel PCSs nationally recognised brand. In addition, the two companies will also work closely on information and best-practice sharing in order to enhance future offerings and customer services.

Commenting on the agreement, Hatem Dowidar, CEO, Vodafone Partner Markets, says: “Through this agreement with Entel PCS, Vodafone will be able to increase its brand recognition and extend its product range to one of the most developed markets in Latin America. Chile is a leading market for mobile communications in the region, and Entel PCS is in a stronger position to improve the provision of enhanced voice and data products, including Entel PCSs current HSDPA internet access mobile network for customers eager for greater access to international products and services.