Voda Hungary Makes MADS Choice

David Murphy

Vodafone Hungary has selected Dutch mobile advertising technology provider MADS to deliver the mobile advertising platform for its Vodafone Live! portal. Vodafone Hungary has launched mobile advertising services to offer brands highly targeted display or text advertising on-portal.
Several premium brands, including NIVEA, OTP Bank, Electronic Arts and Gameloft have already launched advertising campaigns on Vodafone Live! since the pre-launch of the service last June. The new mobile advertising service allows brands to target consumers in a very personal way, the companies says, resulting in significantly higher response rates compared to Internet advertising.
Vodafone Hungary selected MADS for its flexibility, its committed staff and the ease-of-use of the MADS mobile advertising platform, says Vodafone Hungary Manager, Mobile Advertising, Zsuzsanna Winkler. Vodafone Hungary was seeking a partner, not a supplier.