Voda Launches Flat-rate Data Tariff

Vodafone has launched its Vodafone Mobile Internet service, which it says will ensure an accurate representation of the Internet on a mobile, allowing customers to replicate on their handsets what they can do on the computer from updating their MySpace profile, through sending and receiving emails with AOL, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail among others, to buying and selling on eBay.
Vodafone customers will experience a significant improvement in the way they access the Internet from their phones, the company says, coupled with the confidence and freedom to surf whenever and wherever they want without having to worry about the cost thanks to easy-to-understand, great value pricing.
Customers can sign up to a Data Pack costing 7.50 that gives them up to 120MB of data for mobile Internet use per month. If customers exceed the 120MB limit, they will be charged 1 for each 500KB of data usage. For customers who do not buy a Data Pack, data is charged at the rate of 1 per 500KB per day. Customers who use less than 500KB in a day will incur a proportionately lower charge.
Its not necessary for most customers to upgrade their mobiles, Vodafone says. An innovation on the Vodafone network will take pages designed for the computer, compress them by up to ten times on average and turn them into mobile-friendly content, making them easy to read on over 150 handsets, without losing any of the information, or the design. Vodafone customers who can see the live! or Globe logo on their phones menu have a compatible handset.
As well as the modifications to pricing, the Vodafone live! mobile portal now sports a new design that enables customers to explore Mobile Internet, with Vodafones Google search prominently displayed. There is also quick access to account details and an area to store links to favourite sites. Favourites can be saved by clicking on the Bookmark icon on any page on the mobile Internet or by pressing a Mobile Favourites button while on the computer, which will ensure that the address is sent to the phone.
Vodafone Mobile Internet will revolutionise the way our customers use the Internet, says Vodafone UK CEO, Nick Read. They now have the freedom to explore a much wider world on an extensive range of handsets, experiencing the familiarity of the Internet they previously enjoyed via a computer.
Earlier this year, Vodafone announced a series of agreements with a raft of major Internet brands, including eBay, Google, MySpace, Yahoo! and YouTube.