Voda To Launch Multi-device Tariffs This Year

Vodafone has expanded its Vodafone Red offering to cover a total of 14 European markets, and also added some new features which will come into play by the end of the year.

Vodafone Red offers European consumers and businesses one integrated service plan, including a mobile data allowance, unlimited calls and text messages to any network in the customers home country; and cloud and online protection services to back up and secure personal data.

The most interesting innovation, due “by the end of 2013” is the introduction of multi-device plans, enabling customers to connect a smartphone and tablet under one Vodafone Red plan, which seems pretty groundbreaking to us, though doubtless someone, somewhere in  the world already offers something similar. Whatever, it’s a neat move, that should appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to be tied to wi-fi to go online on their tablet, but equally, doesn’t want a dedicated contract for what, for most people, is only occasional cellular data usage.