Vodafone leverages AI to adapt to the post-cookie era

Vodafone’s Media Lead Vanisha Vaghela has highlighted the company’s approach to adapting to the post-cookie era by leveraging AI for more “precise and effective” measurement strategies.

Speaking at Advertising Week Europe 2024 last week, Vaghela said: “As media leaders, we are ultimately being asked to drive more for less in a context of flat year-on-year budgets, increased sales targets and inflation. We found that understanding accurate measurement is essential in today’s market.”

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In a bid to maximise the telecom giant’s advertising efficiency, Vodafone has focused on integrating its own first-party data, minimising reliance on third-party data.

This shift is crucial as the industry prepares for cookie deprecation, Vaghela stated.

“For a holistic view of measurement, we use marketing mix modelling to unearth the impact that our marketing is having across all of our media channels. Focusing on evaluation and insights helps in understanding the granular detail behind what’s driving that channel’s performance so that we’re optimising our spending in a meaningful way.”

As a result, this method allows the company to gain detailed insights into channel performance, optimising its spending effectively.

Vaghela stated: “It’s important for us to continue to understand the ad stocks, the diminishing returns and the fact that consumers are changing their behaviours and the platforms that they are consuming on.

“Continuing to understand that will be fundamental to help us shape our investment today and in the future,” she concluded.