Vodafone Expands Network Coverage at Home and Abroad

  • Thursday, December 11th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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vodafone cardiffVodafone has announced plans to improve coverage across the UK, while also expanding the number of countries where UK subscribers will be able to access 4G roaming.

The improved UK service comes as part of a deal with out-of-home advertising company JCDecaux, which will deploy small cells in street furniture and billboards in order to boost network performance. The connectivity modules were trialled in Amsterdam, where 160 were installed in bus shelters, and will be placed in cities and densely populated areas across the UK to improve network performance.

The scheme is part of Vodafones Project Spring efforts to increase the quality and speed of its voice and data networks. The firm plans to invest £19bn in improvements over the next few years.

“This agreement will help us accelerate the deployment of small cell technology by giving us access to locations that in the past have not been available for network installations,” said Kevin Saladori, director of technology strategy and operations for Vodafone.

The company is also extending its 4G roaming network to more countries outside the UK, including Mexico, Japan, Israel, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. A total of 17 new destinations are being added before the end of the year, bringing the total to 40.

“Around 4m people head overseas during the festive period,” said Cindy Rose, head of consumer for Vodafone UK, “so todays news is perfect for those wanting to upload photos or videos of their celebrations to their social media sites or check maps online whilst on the move.”