Vodafone Fiji Selects Acision

Acision has revealed that Vodafone Fiji has selected its Speed Browsing mobile Internet and Easy MMS solutions, which incorporate a high-performance Multimedia Message Service Centre (MMSC), to enable local processing of mobile content. The two systems will enable Vodafone Fiji to offer subscribers fast mobile Internet access, multimedia messaging and content, removing the requirement to route Internet and MMS traffic through neighbouring Vodafone Australias systems.
Vodafone is Fijis leading mobile operator and, says Acision, is in a unique position to shape the countrys mobile data services. With a culturally diverse population that has broad recreational interests, from Bollywood films to rugby, Vodafone Fiji wanted to ensure it was providing its customers the best service and experience. Up until now, all Vodafone Live! and MMS traffic has been routed via the Vodafone Australia network, and the expense of long-lining content through sub-sea cabling has limited the amount of content available to Fijian subscribers.
Vodafone Fiji recognised the need to invest in its own local infrastructure so turned to Acision to replicate the service it already successfully provides for Vodafone Live! in Australia. Speed Browsing, Acisions mobile Internet solution, ensures that Internet content is delivered quickly to the users handset, while Acisions Easy MMS solution will enable Vodafone Fiji to support P2P, A2P and P2A multimedia messages for its customers. It is also an essential element in the increasingly interactive nature of mobile Web 2.0 and the potential that MMS provides for mobile blogging, both for uploading user-generated content and getting that content pushed. This, says Acision, will boost both browsing and messaging traffic.
The company points out that mobile Internet uptake has long been hampered by the shortcomings of the user experience, and says Speed Browsing will allow Vodafone Fiji to encourage subscriber usage by providing a fast and reliable service, finally meeting customer expectations for true mobile Internet. With the Internet increasingly becoming a platform for interaction rather than a simple information source, says Acision, Speed Browsing allows operators to make next-generation Web 2.0 Internet services such as blogs, and photo and video sharing, viable on mobile handsets.
The Fijian mobile content market is beginning to mature, and it is important that we are in a position to capture these changing needs and have faster go-to-market strategies says Vodafone Fiji Chief Marketing Officer, Avanthi Senaratne. With the market demonstrating such significant interest in mobile content services, it is a natural step for us to enhance our local support infrastructure for those services, with the aim of replicating the success that Vodafone Live! has seen in other markets. Based on its portfolio of world-class messaging and mobile internet solutions, and its global track record, Acision was the only choice for Vodafone Fiji when we looked for a strategic partner to help us deliver innovative services to our customers.