Vodafone Germany Revamps Ringback Tone Offering

Vodafone Germany has launched an upgraded Caller Ringback Tone (CRBT) portal. In addition to a more user-friendly interface with a new design, the portal, based on technology by RealNetworks, also features a new shuffle mode. This function automatically shuffles the selected ringback tones in a random order.
According to the caller's phone number, the receiving parties can select the type of caller ringback tone their contacts hear and assign music either individually or on a group basis. Furthermore, receiving parties may also link their selected caller ringback tones to specific days or timeframes, choosing a different song for each day of the week, for example. The service also features a silent mode, enabling customers to go back to their regular calling tone.
Customers can subscribe to ringback tones via the Vodafone Germany website, Vodafone live, via text messaging or by calling the toll-free number, 22580. The service will be invoiced on the customer's regular mobile phone bill.
Caller ringback tone services are available for a basic service fee of 0.99 per month, with each ringback priced at 1.99, which entitles the customer to use the selected  music tracks for 12 months. A three ringback tone package is available for 2.99, and a none-tone package for 5.99.
It is absolutely crucial to offer intuitive, entertaining platforms to our customers, especially in the age of Web 2.0, during which mobile Internet services are rapidly gaining momentum, says Volker Glaeser, Director of Internet services at Vodafone Germany.