Vodafone Launches Femtocell, But Calls it Something Else

Vodafone has launched the Vodafone Access Gateway service, designed to improve reception indoors for Vodafone customers. Its a femtocell by any other name, but in a show of outstanding common sense, Vodafone has chosen to avoid using that term, which means nothing to most people outside the femtocell business.
Available online and in store from 1 July, the Vodafone Access Gateway service takes the form of small box, similar in size to a router, that plugs into any home broadband line to bring customers improved and more reliable 3G coverage indoors.
The Gateway works with all 3G handsets and can support up to four voice calls at any one time. Vodafone notes that Gateway customers will be able to take advantage of the full range of Vodafone services via their handset anywhere in the home.
The Gateway is available from free or as part of an inclusive price plan from as little as 15 a month. It is also available as a one off purchase for 160, or from 5 per month.  
 The Vodafone Access Gateway will boost indoor mobile phone coverage for customers who today, find they need to move around the rooms in their home to get a consistent signal strength, says Ian Shepherd, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK . We are committed to delivering the best, most reliable network and this is another step towards maintaining a seamless service.
The Vodafone Access Gateway can be ordered from July 1 via the Vodafone website or in Vodafone stores and is delivered to the customer. Customers then register online the mobile numbers they want linked to the Vodafone Access Gateway and within 24 hours the service will be ready and working.