Vodafone launches Pet tracker pack to augment Curve GPS tracker offering

David Murphy

Vodafone is evolving its Curve GPS tracker range with the launch of a Pet tracker pack, including the Curve, a clip to attach to the pet’s collar and new, pet-focused features in the Vodafone Smart App used to track the pet’s location.

The two new features in the app are Pet Walks, which logs past walks and their distances, and Pet Profile, which stores important information such as breed and characteristics.

The Pet tracker clip is durable, compact and IP67-rated, which means it is completely protected against dust and sand, and will work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water. The Curve tracker incorporates GPS, Bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular technology and is connected to the Vodafone IoT network using a built-in Smart SIM.

As previously, the tracker allows users to set zones such as ‘Park’ or ‘Home’ through the Vodafone Smart App and receive a notification if their pet enters or leaves these. Vodafone Smart App owners can also share access to their pets’ location with other family members and friends.

Bought together, the Curve tracker and Pet clip cost £36 up front plus a Vodafone Smart SIM subscription of £3 per month for a minimum of 24 months, or?£6 per month for a minimum of one month. The Pet clip is available separately for existing Curve customers for £12.

“With pet ownership growing and our customer insights showing that people want to stay connected to what matters most more than ever, Curve Pet tracker pack has been developed to give pet owners that all-important feeling of reassurance wherever they are,” said Vodafone Smart Tech Global Managing Director, Lutfu Kitapci. Built for ease of use, intuitively designed, and connected through Vodafone’s global network, we’ve developed an enhanced experience based on our customer insight for one of the most popular ways to use Curve today – to keep track of our pets.”