Vodafone Mobile Clicks Offers 150,000 Prize Fund

Vodafone is on the hunt for the best mobile Internet start-up. The company is offering a total of 150,000 (133,000) prize money in its 'Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition, which is organised jointly by Vodafone UK and Netherlands, Mobile Monday Amsterdam, Mobile Monday London, PICNIC and Trend8.The winner will be selected by a professional jury in three different jury rounds.
The competition launched last year in the Netherlands, and this year, has been extended to include the UK. The grand final will be held at the PICNIC festival and conference in Amsterdam, which takes place from 23 – 25 September 2009.
The competition is open to any individual residing in the Netherlands or the UK aged 18 or over, and to Dutch and UK-based start-up companies, businesses, institutions and all other organisations. Participants must be or must have the intention to become a start-up enterprise/business in the field of mobile Internet products or services. Start-up means that the enterprise/business cannot be older than three years since its inception. Each participant may submit only one entry. Registration closes on 14 May.