Vodafone Romania Deploys MADS Platform

MADS, which specialises in highly targeted mobile advertising experiences, has entered into partnership with Vodafone Romania, which has more than 9.5 million mobile customers. Vodafone Romania will deploy MADS mobile advertising platform to integrate fully within Vodafone Live!, SMS push, SMS notification and MMS channels, offering advertisers and brands highly targeted display or text advertising across multiple mobile channels. The platform has already been deployed by Vodafone in Hungary and New Zealand
Vodafone Romania now has the ability to launch multi-channel, highly targeted campaigns utilizing the MADS platform which includes campaign management, targeting and analytic tools. The MADS platform allows media agencies to plan, book and optimize campaigns over the various mobile channels deployed. The campaigns integrate with a wide variety of content to ensure that advertisers deliver consistent, personalized marketing messages to consumers, regardless of channel or media.
Alongside Mobile Marketing Association-compliant banners on the Live! portal, Vodafone Romania also offers advertising in SMS and MMS push services and within various notification messages to subscribers and pre-paid users. Campaigns are personalized and targeted based upon gender, age, city of residence, subscriber profile and 11 other demographic variables. According to MADS, its mobile advertising platform enables advertisers to reach exactly the right people at the right time with the right message, anywhere.