Vodafone unveils augmented and mixed reality glasses

Vodafone has unveiled a pair of glasses which deliver augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences over 5G.

The Nreal Light glasses tap into the power of Android devices via a wired USB connection and can be used to browse the web or shop; watch videos, TV, and sport; enjoy gaming experiences; and see what’s going on in the social media world. And the widescreen viewing experience, which is equivalent to watching a portable IMAX screen, enables three apps to be open simultaneously.

Vodafone is also working with Nreal, a mixed reality company, to develop AR and MR apps for consumers and businesses for the glasses ahead of their launch in Germany and Spain during Spring 2021, before being rolled out in more Vodafone markets.

“Nreal Light is a breakthrough product and we are excited to announce that Vodafone is bringing Nreal’s cutting-edge glasses to Europe,” said Phil Patel, Vodafone Group Director Products & Services. “Nreal Light combined with Vodafone’s high speed, ultra-low latency gigabit 5G network will give consumers and businesses an affordable, accessible way of experiencing the latest augmented and mixed reality experiences and brings the future a little closer for everyone.”

Nreal CEO Chi Xu added, “European consumes will be able to experience the future through Nreal Light. They’ll enjoy a new way to see and interact with their favourite apps in a 3D mixed reality environment on Vodafone’s 5G network. We’re excited to be making the Nreal Light available in Germany, Spain, and other European countries in partnership with Vodafone as we continue our mission to make mixed reality accessible to consumers around the world.”