Vodafone to Roll Out VoLTE Services this Summer

Businessman makes call on phoneMobile network operator Vodafone has announced that it will be launching wi-fi and VoLTE calling this summer, enabling customers to call using alternative networks without the need for a separate app.

Wi-fi calling uses existing wi-fi networks, such as a home broadband connection, to connect customers, and is particularly suited to areas with poor network coverage, or where it is difficult to get an indoor signal.

VoLTE calling, also know as Voice over 4G, is a universal technology that allows calls to be carried across 4G data networks rather than 2G or 3G voice networks, as is currently the standard. It provides better coverage, clearer connections and, as 4G adoption increases, enable the freed-up frequencies to be put to new uses.

“Our wi-fi calling service will ensure that our customers never miss a call,” said Jeroen Hoencamp, chief executive of Vodafone UK. “It is another important step towards our commitment to build the UKs strongest converged network.”

The rollout of both services is part of Vodafones planned £1bn spending initiative to improve its network and services across the UK, and follows the nationwide provision of HD Voice technology, the rollout of 4G+ and the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal program, aimed at providing remote communities with 3G for the first time.