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England Women captain Steph Houghton helps Vodafone conduct 'first' 5G holographic call

Tyrone Stewart

Vodafone 5G holographic call Steph HoughtonVodafone has shown off one of the ways that 5G could be used by people in the future – demonstrating the UK’s ‘first’ live holographic call using the technology.

The call featured the England and Manchester City Women’s football captain, Steph Houghton, appearing as a live 3D hologram on stage in front of an audience at Vodafone’s UK headquarters in Newbury.

During the call from Vodafone’s Manchester office, Steph’s hologram gave footballing tips to a young 11-year-old football fan named Iris, despite the pair being almost 200 miles apart.

“Vodafone has a history of firsts in UK telecoms – we made the nation’s first mobile phone call, sent the first text and now we’ve conducted the UK’s first holographic call using 5G,” said Nick Jeffery, Vodafone UK chief executive.

In June, Vodafone announced that it would be running 5G trials in seven UK cities, starting in Q4 2018. 5G coverage will make its way to Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, and Manchester as part of the trials.

In addition to those locations, Vodafone says Cornwall and the Lake District will receive 5G during 2019, while 1,000 5G sites will be up-and-running by 2020.