Vodafones SmartPass Headed to the UK

smartpass comboVodafones SmartPass mobile payment service is reportedly set to launch in the UK in the next few weeks.

The service, which uses NFC technology, requires a special SIM card to handle the security and encryption needed to ensure payments are safe. It enables users to link their Visa card to their mobile phone, and make instant contactless payments to NFC payments.

The rollout to the UK, reported in the Financial Times, comes ahead of the iPhone 6 launch, which is expected to finally bring NFC technology to Apples smartphone, and is being seen by many as crucial moment in the technologys move towards wider adoption.

In addition to bringing the SmartPass service to the UK, Vodafone is supposedly improving the functionality with the addition of the ability to include gift and loyalty cards, and is working with third-party firms, such as loyalty scheme Nectar, to build an ecosystem of support for the SmartPass.