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Voddler Launches Android App

David Murphy

Swedish entertainment service Voddler has launched a free Android app for its ad-funded movie service. The app is currently being tested in a version limited to movie trailers by a group of Voddler users. The first version of the full app will be released to all users in May. It will enable users to play movies and trailers; share playlists on social networks; and control PCs and TVs from their mobile phone. The company says it is also working on a version of the app for Android OS-based TV screens.

“Because Voddler is working with a cloud computing solution with movies stored in the cloud, seamless integration between different screens and platforms is simple,” says Voddler CTO, Stefan Anjou. “Today, we stream our movies to PCs and provide the best picture and sound quality available on the market. We aim to do the same thing for mobile phones, and later, for internet-connected TVs.”

Voddler currently has contracts with a number of global film companies and distributors, and more thn 600,000 registered users, who collectively watch tens of thousands of movies daily.