Voddler Launches Free Movies App

Online movie service Voddler has released an iPhone app that enables users to watch movies from the Voddler catalogue for free from their iPhone or iPad. Voddler says this is the world’s first app to offer ad-funded content from the leading studios in Hollywood and Scandinavia. The app also enables advertisers to place ads just before the movie start, so as not to disturb the viewing experience. Within a few hours, the app had hit the number 1 spot on the App Store’s free app downloads.

The app gives users access to Voddler’s cataloguie of almost 4,000 movies, which is gorwing at the rate of 50 titles per day. The service is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Almost 1m registered users currently watch tens of thousands of films every day on Voddler. Voddler’s social functions, where “voddlerites” can create play lists, share tips and discuss movies both on Voddler and other sites, help film lovers find the movies that suit them best in Voddler’s catalog, regardless if they are using Voddler on the mobile or the PC.

“We are happy and proud to open up our film service for iPhone and iPad,” says Voddler CEO, Marcus Bäcklund. “The app symbolizes everything we work for: film when and where you want. And it allows seamless transitions, so you for instance can start watching a movie in your mobile on your way home, and then pick up exactly where you left off on your computer or web-connected TV.”

Voddler says that versions of the app for other platforms, including Android and Symbian, will be released soon.