Vogue joins forces with Apple for iPhone X AR feature

Vogue iPhone X ARVogue has teamed up with Apple to create an AR-powered iPhone feature that uses the iPhone X’s Face ID to create a filter similar to the ones seen on Snapchat and Instagram.

‘The Vogue Effect’, which will be available on the iPhone X from 1 December, is an iMessage extension created using Apple’s ARKit technology. iPhone X users have to download the Vogue app to access the filters, but they can be applied via iMessage once installed.

The feature enables users to layer trends from the Spring/Summer 2018 season over their surroundings and create an image that can be downloaded or sent to a friend as a message. Vogue promises more trends and collaborations with industry talents in the future.

“This is experimentation, leveraging technology and pushing our creativity in new ways,” said Arlie Sisson, vice president of emerging products at Condé Nast. “It’s unexpected, but it makes sense because [leading] is what we do best.”