Voice Commerce Launches iPhone Payment Solution

Financial services company Voice Commerce has launched a payment system for the iPhone. 

CashFlows Portable is an iPhone terminal thats integrated with a compliant payment gateway and a single merchant account. Combined with a free CashFlows Portable app on the iPhone, it allows businesses to accept real-time credit and debit card payments on the move. 

The company says it could be used to enable companies to take payments in environments such as a trade show – you just need a mobile signal to make the transaction. 

CashFlows Portable also works with Voice Commerces VoicePay mCommerce service, which allows consumers to authorise a payment using their unique voice signature.

Nick Ogden, CEO of Voice Commerce Group, says: “By enabling our customers to accept payments with their phone and for consumers to make a payment with just their voice signature, we have created a true end-to-end mCommerce solution.”