Volantis and Mobixell Team Up

Volantis, which supplies of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions for the mobile Internet, and Mobixell, a provider of mobile multimedia solutions, have announced a partnership to deliver a broad variety of multimedia capabilities, which the companies say will be optimised for every media type, mobile device, and value added service (VAS).
The two companies have completed development of a fully-integrated mobile video solution that takes advantage of Mobixells multimedia capabilities (supported by its recent acquisition of Adamind), together with Volantiss content delivery platform.
Leveraging Mobixells Content Production Suite for mobile multimedia production and adaptation, Volantis extends and enhances its content management and delivery capability to include intelligent asset transcoding and real-time streaming adaptation of video and audio of any format. This, Volantis says, ensures that the mobile subscriber experience is always optimised for any type of media, regardless of mobile devices, domains and networks.
The partnership complements Volantiss existing solutions for wireless carriers and content providers.  The Volantis Suite of Mobile Content Applications, and supporting Mobile Content Framework, enable the development and distribution of a wide variety of mobile content, including wallpapers, ringtones, audio and video, streaming content, games, and interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and competitions.
Mobixell says its Content Production Suite transforms mobile content production from a manual process into an efficient and reliable, high-volume, automated process, providing carriers and content providers with tools to validate the Quality of Experience (QoE) for each and every mobile device. At the heart of the Content Production Suite is a smart, all-in-one, media adaptation engine that reduces the burden of creating device-specific versions of unique content. The Production Suite also offers value-added features for content previewing, DRM (Digital Rights Management), branding and advertising.
Volantiss mobile content solutions provide an end-to-end content delivery platform that automates content operations and delivery for storefronts, deck management, third party content integration, personalisation, subscriber management, PC web-to-mobile transcoding, and on-device applications.  Volantis says its platform easily integrates with pricing and charging facilities that enable powerful merchandising, including subscription and loyalty programmes and promotions, and mobile marketing campaigns.
We selected Mobixell after a year-long analysis that matched our growing customer requirements for dynamic video content with an exhaustive review of the competitive offerings in the marketplace, says Volantis CEO Matthew Harris. We are confident that together with Mobixell, we can offer a solution today that is unrivalled in the marketplace.
Mobixell CEO Amir Aharoni adds:
With our combined large customer base and technology assets, this partnership between Volantis and Mobixell will enable content providers and operators to offer their subscribers the highest-quality rich media content for every handset and network. This will lead to faster introductions of new multimedia services to help increase multimedia content usage and customer satisfaction.