Volkswagen and TI Media partner to bring awareness to new electric car

Alyssa Clementi

After Volkswagen teamed up with TI Media to launch a digital campaign focused on the Volkswagen e-Golf, awareness of the new electric car grew by 17 per cent and purchase consideration increased by 22 per cent. The campaign, which ran across consumer electronic review website Trusted Reviews, also resulted in a 7 per cent decrease in those unlikely to buy the e-Golf.

The TI Media Volkswagen campaign was created to make audiences more aware of the new electric car option, which is not as well-known as Tesla and other brands. The goal was to break the mold of what a conventional electric car may look or feel like, using the slogan “the first electric car you can love”.

“Two advertorials were created by our marketing collective The Foundry for Volkswagen based on original research carried out by TI Media into people’s perceptions of electric vehicles,” said Paul Lowrey, TI Media’s head of strategy and marketing. “These were then run in the electric vehicle section of Trusted Reviews in order to raise awareness among in-market audiences of the reasons to buy an e-vehicle. Each advertorial was surrounded by a bespoke, high-impact ‘skin’ to drive awareness and clicks through to the e-Golf website and a landing page.”

As part of the campaign, TI Media dispersed e-Gold Desktop Skins and Mobile Scroller rich media formats across its marketplace publisher portfolio, all of which were designed in-house. TI Media shared the content programmatically, so it could “drive the cost-efficient” reach of the campaign.

“We drove the most consideration among younger audiences, particularly families who are most likely more aware of sustainability and issues with pollution and therefore want to work on making the world a cleaner place for their children to live in,” said Lowrey. “Increasing spontaneous brand awareness of the e-Golf by 17 per cent to overtake that of its competitors is a huge achievement when considering not many people associated electric vehicles with Volkswagen prior to this campaign.”

“We were delighted to work with TI Media on the launch of the Volkswagen e-Golf model and the fact the campaign achieved a 22 per cent uplift in purchase consideration in a market where there are a lot of perceived barriers to purchase, was brilliant!” said Victoria Farley, senior publisher planner/buyer, PHD.