Voltari Launches Mobile Premium Ad Platform Emporia

VoltariVoltari has launched Emporia, a platform for the purchase and sale of premium publisher inventory on mobile.

Emporia provides a self-service interface which can be used to reach users at specific times when they are predicted to engage with the advertisers content.

Emporia makes use of Voltaris own proprietary technology for determines users real-time engagement propensity, plus tech from partnered companies, including unspecified data providers as well as ad creation platform Celtra, which will work with Voltari to create a centre of excellence for marketers.

“Emporia will be an environment in which all the participants emerge as winners,” said Richard Sadowsky, acting CEO of Voltari. “Users will receive high-impact and engaging ad units at the right time, publishers will receive the lions share of the CPM, and advertisers will know that their ads are being associated with premium content and delivered to users in a way that takes advantage of the unique intimacy of mobile.”