Volvo launches denim search takeover on Pinterest

Volvo is partnering with Pinterest for a complete takeover of all denim-related searches on the platform. ‘Denim on Denim’ searches are up almost 6,000 per cent in the last month, with ‘Denim Outfits’ up 250 per cent. Earlier this month, Volvo launched its most sustainable SUV yet, the EX30, which features recycled denim upholstery. 

Running until the end of August, the campaign leverages custom creative combined with search targeting to contextually align the EX30 with other denim searches across Pinterest. The EX30 will own the keyword ‘denim’ when people conduct searches on Pinterest, giving Volvo the opportunity to connect with trend-driven buyers who are looking for denim inspiration.

Today and tomorrow, Volvo’s denim takeover will receive a boost when its message is served to the masses on Pinterest’s new Premiere Spotlight placement. The new format enables advertisers to showcase their brand in a premium, exclusive placement for an entire day on Pinterest. Premiere Spotlight’s video format takes up approximately 50 per cent of a mobile devices screen on Pinterest’s search page, which is the first step for users to discover new ideas on Pinterest.

“We’re dedicated to helping brands reach the consumers they care about, guiding them seamlessly from discovery to action,” said Kim Blommer, Automotive Industry Lead at Pinterest. “As denim searches continue to boom, we’re looking forward to joining forces with Volvo to capitalize on this trend sweeping our platform, and to leverage the influence of Premiere Spotlight to position the EX30 prominently at the forefront of the denim conversation.”