Von Moos partners with Fidesmo for contactless payment pen

Gabby Fernie

Luxury Swiss pen manufacturer Von Moos has joined up with Swedish tech company Fidesmo to release one of the world’s first pens with built-in contactless payment technology.

It joins the growing tanks of different types of contactless-enabled devices, which already include bracelets, key fobs and more.

The Von Moos Smart Pen features an integrated chip that enables users to tokenise a payment card through Fidesmo Pay and use the pen at any terminal that supports Mastercard contactless payments.

"Von Moos approached us a while ago and asked if we could make a contactless payment pen possible. It was a yes." said Fidesmo's Head of Sales, Ulrich Dreefs. "There are gimmicks out there with a chip in them which you can programme, but not something which is a security product with certification requirements etc. The pen by Von Moos is unusual and more of a luxury product."