EDMAs 2021

Vouchercloud Passes Half a Million Downloads

David Murphy

Mobile and online voucher company Vouchercloud has seen more than half a million downloads of its iPhone app since its launch just over five months ago on 4 February. Vouchercloud managing director Greg Le Tocq says the company is approaching 600,000 downloads, and estimates that Vouchercloud’s mobile vouchers have saved UK consumers over £1m over the past five months.

“Our average voucher for Pizza Hut, Zizzi, Prezzo and Carluccio’s saves the consumer £10 and we are seeing great redemption rates too,” he says. “Pizza Hut has a 9 per cent redemption on a 2-for-1 voucher that’s still running now.”

Le Tocq says that Vouchercloud is also looking to extend its offers beyond the iPhone via apps for other mobile platforms, and a mobile web version. He says the company currently has around 5,000 different advertisers, ranging from small, independent outlets, to national multiple retailers.
David Murphy writes:
Approaching 600,000 mobile app downloads in just over five months is an impressive performance by Vouchercloud. The UK appetite for vouchers in any format is widely accepted now, but Vouchercloud’s stats seem to suggest what a lot of people have been suggesting for some time: that vouchers and mobile are a perfect fit, particularly when you add in the location element. You emerge from the cinema, you want a decent meal, you’re not particular bothered where you eat, so you ask the app to find your nearest restaurant offers, and five minutes later, you and your partner are ordering two meals, for which you’ll only pay for one.

The other impressive aspect to Vouchercloud is the way it has managed to attract well-known high street brands. This owes a lot to the company’s heritage as a publisher of substantial, print-based voucher books in cities up and down the UK. This meant that the firm already had a relationship with many of these brands, who were looking for a national offering. As Le Tocq told me just now: “When we started out, we had a hit-list of brands we wanted to work with, and I think we are speaking with just about all of them.”

The other good news is the extension of Vouchercloud beyond the iPhone. Once the service rolls out to other platforms, those download figures could really start to fly.