Vouchers Are Most Successful Mobile Call to Action Globally

A survey of 13,000 smartphone users in 13 countries has found that vouchers are the most popular engagement tool with consumers around the globe, followed, perhaps surprisingly, by QR codes and then mobile websites, brand social sites and brand emails.

71 per cent of people surveyed by media company Initiative said they have a branded application on their smartphone, with 67 per cent of those checking it daily. 41 per cent of respondants said they use their smartphone primarily for social networking.

Mobile banner ads and mobile search ads were by far the least popular forms of engagement, leading Initiative to conclude that users prefer native mobile experiences rather than those ported over from online.

The survey also found that Indian smartphone owners, most of whom are still early adopters, are some of the most enthusiastic engagers. Brazilian smartphone users are less likely to enjoy mobile shopping because of the unreliability of their mobile service, while Chinese habits are shaped by popular web institutions there like Weibo and the mobile payment system Alipay.

The 2013 iteration of the survey used the firm’s online consumer panel of active smartphone users from: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, the UK and the US.