VR design and collaboration platform, ShapesXR, closes $8.6m Seed Round

ShapesXR, a VR design and collaboration platform, has completed an $8.6m Seed Round led by Supernode Global. Triptyq VC, Boost VC, Hartmann Capital and Geek Ventures also participated in the round.

ShapesXR aims to democratise 3D content creation and spatial design by enabling non-technical users to create 3D designs, prototype immersive apps such as VR and AR games, training and real world design. Logitech and ByteDance  use the platform for ideation and collaboration, while  Qualcomm Technologies uses it to produce immersive journeys, such as an XR music experience created in collaboration with Trigger XR and Duran Duran. 

ShapesXR has been downloaded more than 350,000 times on the Meta Quest app store, and has been licensed to 70 educational institutions and scores of enterprises. More than 300,000 projects have already been created in ShapesXR.

ShapesXR’s goal is to become the de facto industry standard for UI/UX design, achieving for spatial computing what Figma did for the mobile computing era. 

ShapesXR, which is available on Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3, will use part of the funding to expand its platform to new devices, including Apple Vision Pro, Pico and Magic Leap. 

The company said its platform is rapidly becoming the prototyping tool of choice for Vision OS (Apple Vision Pro) developers because designers can prototype eye gaze and hand pinch interactions.

Using ShapesXR, consumers and enterprises can quickly design fully immersive content with 3D objects, environments, mock-ups, and experience labs. Its storytelling capabilities enable designers to vividly show interactive content coming to life in the real world. The platform is built to be accessible, meaning its aimed at teams, not just designers. Product owners, producers, all different stakeholders can contribute to the product being developed.

“VR has such huge potential to transform how we all collaborate on projects and design new products, however, one of the main barriers to entry is the level of technical skill required to get started,” said ShapesXR CEO and Founder, Inga Petryaevskaya. “ShapesXR has been built to remove these hurdles – its as easy to learn as PowerPoint. This truly democratizes 3D content creation and enables anyone to become a VR, AR and mixed reality storyteller. With this funding we can expand ShapesXR onto new platforms, support more companies and make 3D content creation, collaboration and storytelling mainstream.”  


Michael Sackler, Managing Partner at Supernode Global, said: “ShapesXR is leading the way in shaping the future of immersive collaboration and spatial design. As we anticipate the widespread adoption of XR applications and 3D content, the need for XR-native UI/UX tools becomes clearer each day. With its user-centric approach and exceptional leadership, ShapesXR is poised to meet this demand and become the industry standard in this space. This investment underscores our belief that ShapesXR will prove transformative for developers looking to create the most compelling XR content possible.”